As Group Sagun, we export various aquaculture products to 35 countries in the world such as sea bream, sea bass, trout and Black Sea salmon. Thanks to our strong logistics network, we can export a harvested product from our farms to our customer in 48 hours no matter where he/she is. Each of air, inland and sea transports in these operations is used according to geographical location of the customer. Staying connected to continuous and healthy communication principle, our exportation team continuously work in order to provide customer satisfaction properly for dynamism of fishing. 

Apart from exportation, Group Sagun that imports from many countries of the world supplies specific products of each country to Turkey in a healthy and quality way. Various sea products like shrimp, calamari, octopus, mackerel and saithe, whose production and hunting isn’t available in our seas, are imported by our company and supplied to HORECA and retail sector in Turkey.