About us

With the same devotion and excitement for 4 generations; the name that comes in to mind when we consider the aquaculture in Turkey: SAGUN

GROUP SAGUN, which incorporates 8 different companies, has 11 production facilities in different points of Turkey, operates in cultivation, production, exportation and importation of marine products, provides finished products to retail and wholesale store chains and trading posts with its strong brands and its recognition in both domestic and foreign market, incorporates the first private fish market of Europe and Turkey and hunting fleet with 25 ships, is an enterprise managed by the fourth generation today. Our group, which continuously grows in a production-oriented and exportation-oriented way as from the years it went into action and spreads its activities over the whole aquaculture afterwards, is a leader establishment of Turkey in terms of aquaculture. As one of pioneer establishments in the sector, our group contributes to transformation of fishery into industry in Turkey, a country of seas and guides the development of the sector. 


We provide rapid transport from producer to consumer all over the world.

Types of Aquaculture Products
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