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Same devotion and enthusiasm for 4 generations; When Aquaculture Mentioned in Turkey The Most Recognized Name: SAGUN

GROUP SAGUN is a Group of Companies; containing 8 different companies within, having 11 production facility at different parts of Turkey, operating in areas of seafood breeding, production, export and import, providing ready-to-use products to retail and wholesale markets and retail outlets with well-known brands in both domestic and foreign markets, containing Europe’s and Turkey’s first private fish market and fishing fleet of 25 ships in it, currently managed by the Fourth Generation.

Our Group; constantly growing focused on cultivation, production and export since it was started operation, and expanding its activities in subsequent years over all aquaculture areas, is today one of the leading organizations in the field of aquaculture in Turkey. Our Group, as one of the leading companies in the sector, contributes to the transformation of the fishing to an industry in Turkey, a sea country, and leading the development of the sector.

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