Grup Sagun, which produces unique products across Turkey, has 9 aquaculture processing facilities that have European exportation accreditation.  All of these facilities have BRC, IFS, ASC, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards. Each facility has the capacity of carrying out its own production and exportation with its skilful team. 

While choosing the establishment places of facilities, their closeness to raw material in a fast and easy way was taken into consideration. The whole of Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea are given service by separate facilities. If we are to start from the North of Turkey, Sinop has a facility in which local salmons that we boast are processed and also it has a sea snail (Rapana) facility which exports to the Far East countries for years. Istanbul is the place where the products that are sold in chain stores are produced.

The factory in Tekirdag is the facility that produces deep water shrimps and anchovy marinade group and exports them to Europe. The factory in Edirne exports frogs to European countries and it is an expert facility in frog processing. There is a facility in Izmir, pearl of Aegean that has the biggest and most advanced technology, is away from sea bream, sea bass and tuna farms for 45 minutes and processes these products. There is a smoked facility in Antalya in organized industrial site which processes so many types with its expert team apart from trout, sea bream and sea bass that are the champion of Mediterranean exportation. 

Also, there is a facility in Mediterranean Region in Adana that has the speciality of frog and shrimp and offers service for years. All our factories can process and export both fresh and frozen sea products and they have big stock volumes. Group Sagun, which has 20000 m2 closed processing area and 16000 m2 frozen storing area and has the most extensive and largest area of Turkey, is a leader processing company.