Turkey is the location of producer of the highest portion of trout in today’s world. As Group Sagun, we maintain the production in our facilities in Kayseri and Kirsehir with annual 7.000 ton licence capacity. 

We export the trout to Russia and many other countries in the world, in particular to Eastern Europe. We present fresh-water type Rainbow trout to our customers in a fresh, frozen and smoked way. 

The trout, which is harvested in the busiest harvesting season months of April, May and June from the facilities in Kayseri and Kirsehir, are packaged according to the requests of our customers from all over the world by being processed in the facility in Antalya, which has BRC, IFS AND ASC quality certificates. Also, we present further processed and ready-to-eat smoked products groups to our customers with our smoked facility in Antalya.